How to create Multivariant Test Emails

A Multivariant Test Email allows you to test up to three variables, with up to eight variations, in a single email test campaign. For example, you may want to test two subject lines and two variations of the Email’s content.

To create a Multivariant Test Email:

  1. Go to Emails. In the upper right corner of the page, click the dropdown on the New Email button.
  2. Select New Multivariate Test Email.7d583509-c004-4fdb-bdc8-2ed9a951699d.png
  3. Enter the recipient information, then click Next.
  4. Select up to three different variables to test.de06f56f-2e01-47e2-90e0-748fd8c92048.png
  5. Use the plus and minus symbols to set the number of different variations of the variables.
  6. Use the slider to determine the percentage of Email recipients that should receive an alternate test combination. Click Next.
  7. Fill out the Email Setup information. This is where you will enter the information for the Subject Line, From Name and Address, and/or Email Send Time. Click Next.
  8. Select an Email Template or select multiple Templates if you selected the Content variable. Click Next.
  9. Review the Summary, then click Next to finish.

If you need to make changes later, you can edit from the Actions menu of the Email record.

The winner of the test Emails will appear in the Details tab of the record. If you want to review the results of the test emails, go to the Statistics tab of the Email record and use the Combination dropdown to see how each set of variations performed.

If no winning criteria is met within the test period, the very first combination will be declared the winner and the winning segment will receive that Email.

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