How to Add Finish Actions to List Emails

When a Prospect opens a List Email, clicks a link in a List Email, or unsubscribes from within a list email, users can configure a series of Finish Actions to fire after those events occur.

This feature saves users time; instead of making updates to records manually based on Prospect activity, adding Finish Actions automates the process.

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Finish Actions are available to all Insightly Marketing users.

Use cases

  • Adding a Prospect to a List for clicking on a link, tagging Prospects, or changing Prospect form values.
  • Raise a Prospect’s score if they clicked a link and they are located in a specific country that you typically don’t see much engagement from.
  • Removing tags that indicate a Prospect is part of a mailing list if the Prospect unsubscribes from an Email.

Important Details

  • Users should be careful with notification and email actions when sending large volumes of Email as many actions may be triggered based on the response.
  • Email Click Finish Actions apply to both HTML and text version hyperlinks of your sent Email.
  • Finish Actions don’t expire. For example, if a Prospect is cleaning out their inbox two months from now and they open the Email and click on links, the Finish Actions will still fire.
  • After your Email is sent, you can still edit or reorder the Email’s Finish Actions. The actions are not retroactive, so the edits will only execute on Prospects who take the action from that point onward.
  • Finish Actions execute every time the action occurs, regardless of how many clicks occur in a given period.


  1. Open an Email and click the Finish Actions tab.
  2. Click Add Finish Action for one of the following options:
    1. Email Open Finish Actions
    2. Email Click Finish Actions
    3. Email Unsubscribe Finish Actions
  3. Select a Finish Action from the dropdown. In this example, we will select Adjust Score.
  4. Enter a name for the Finish Action.
  5. Add conditional criteria.
  6. In this example, you will adjust the Prospect’s score to increase, decrease, or be set to a specific grade based on the criteria above. Other Finish Actions will have different requirements, such as assigning a new owner or adding tags.
  7. Click Save Finish Action.

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