How to create a Landing Page Template

Landing Pages are standalone web pages that prospects can “land” on or click through to from an email, a web ad, a social post, or any other hyperlink on the web.

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How to create a Landing Page Template

Users can create Landing Pages within Insightly and provide Prospects links to visit these pages. These pages can be used for a variety of reasons; for example, selling specific products or to inform users of special offers.

Landing Page Templates work similarly to Email Templates. Insightly provides standard and themed templates for users to customize, but you can also build your own template from scratch. 

  1. Go to Landing Pages. Click Landing Page Templates.

  2. Click New Landing Page Template.3b6d9acc-c54c-40da-9d59-02bade0f440e.png

  3. Give the Landing Page Template a name and select the Folder it should be located in.

  4. There are several content options that can be added to your template:

    From the Content tab, select one and drag it where you want it to appear on your template.

  5. Click on the content you've added to pull up content properties. From here, you can further customize the content you've added. 

    For example, if you added a button you can add a URL, change the text formatting, alter the button color, and more.

  6. Click Show Structure to see the framework of the template. 

  7. To add a new row, click the Rows tab. Select an option, then drag and drop it on to the template. Once you've placed it, you can add content to it.

  8. The last tab is the Settings tab. Here, you can adjust general settings, like your default font or the background color of your template.

  9. You can delete content that's been added by clicking it and selecting the trash icon that appears.

  10. Click Preview to see how your Landing Page will look on desktop and mobile. 

  11. Click Save Design to save your progress.

 After you have completed creating your template, you will need to create a Landing Page.

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