How to unpublish a Landing Page

There are two methods for unpublishing a Landing Page: By marking it inactive or by deleting the record.

When you uncheck the Active checkbox on a Landing Page record, you can preserve the record and publish the Landing Page at a later date.

When you delete a Landing Page record, you will also unpublish the Landing Page in the process.

How to deactivate

  1. Go to Landing Pages and select a record.

  2. Under Landing Page Details, hover over the checkbox next to the Active field and click the pencil icon.

  3. Click the checkbox and click the checkmark to save.

How to delete

  1. Go to Landing Pages and select a record.

  2. Open the Actions dropdown and select Delete This Landing Page.

  3. A warning will appear. Click Delete.


Any deleted Landing Pages can be retrieved from the Recycling Bin, which will cause the Landing Page to be republished if Active is checked.

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