Insightly Mobile 4.3 Update


To get access to these features, you will need to update the application through the Google Play store or Apple’s App Store. This update will sign you out of your account and you will need to log back in.


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Support for Milestones tab 

Milestones are now available on Projects in the Mobile app. Milestones can be added, edited, deleted and completed.

Support for Document Merge 

Document Merges can now be completed on Mobile for all objects.

The Stage history grid will now appear on Opportunity record’s Related tab.

Date and Assigned To fields on items in Activities tab

The Date and Assigned To fields now appear in the Activity tab for each activity entry in a record.

Clone support for objects 

Records of all supported objects can now be cloned in the Mobile app.

Queues in Filter Views 

When Queue is created, a List View will be created for the object associated with that Queue. 

Enable Ownership Assignment 

The Record Owner can now be updated from the Mobile app.

First linked record on Tasks in list

When viewing a Task List View, the first linked record for each Task will now appear on each entry on that list.

If formatted correctly in a text field, live hyperlinks will appear and become clickable.

Add Trendline to Mobile Dashboards 

Trendlines now appear on Dashboard Card graphs on the Mobile app if a trendline appears in the same graph in the Web app.

Lead Conversion custom field support

A Lead record’s custom fields will now be successfully transferred when the record has been converted into an Opportunity, Contact, or Organization.

Display date on items in Activities tab

Dates will now appear on Activity tab entries.

Audit Logs now appear in the Related tab of records.

Quote Line Item sort order

Quote Line items will now be sorted in the Mobile app to correspond to the order that they appear in within the Web app.

You can now search for Products to be added to the Related tab of Quote and Opportunity records.

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