Issue creating pipeline

Good Afternoon,

I am currently trying to create a pipeline. The problem I am having is that when I get to the “add stages” segment it is requiring me to add Activity Sets however there are not any to select from on the drop down box even though I have created activity sets. How can I get around this issue?



  • Hi there Michael:

    The most common reasons an Activity Set won't appear in the dropdown are that the Activity Set isn't available to that particular record type or that the Activity Set is empty (no activities have been added yet).

  • Hi Lyla,


    I do have an "Activity Set" set for opportunities and I still have the same issue.


  • Hi Michael:

    It looks like there are no activities added yet, there's a 0 next to the Activity Set Name. Can you add an Activity and let us know if that clears things up for you? Thanks.

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