I don't care about sales tracking, is Insightly the right program for me?

I need to manage and report on all phases of a client relationship AFTER the sale has been made. We are a service company, so we'd need to set up conference calls, assign outside experts, track the activities on the account, etc.

Is Insightly the right tool for me? Or are they primarily a sales / lead tracking tool?



  • Hi Mike,

    I use Insightly for the exact reason you do - to manage projects once I have them. I can set up pipelines and activity sets and get reminders of my tasks so that nothing falls through the cracks.I demo'd 5 different CRM's and found Insightly the most user friendly for my needs.https://support.insight.ly/hc/en-us/articles/231763347-The-Insightly-CRM-Automation-Guide

    It was an added bonus (that I now actively use) that tracking sales and leads was another feature of the software to help with Business development.

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  • I love insightly and I use it for all communications related stuff regardless of before/after.  My process means that even after a deal is closed and finished we still have a follow up call with clients 6 months later.

    However, I use TeamWork for the project management stuff, so I clearly separate them.  It's annoying they don't integrate :)

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