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Hi, is there a way to format or customise the web to lead forms in any way. For example, When you paste in the html code, the field boxes align with the end of the text - they are not inline. Call it perfection, but I like my boxes to line up.

Also, I use the description filed for a comments field. I can change the name in the code to read Comments: however I cant change the size of the box that is displayed on my page. Is there a way to increase the box size so my potential customers can see what they are typing in the field past about 5 words.

Many thanks




  • Hi Jarrod

    Sure: you're fully able to customise the generated code. In the beginning I wouldn't to change to much but with some CSS and basic HTML skills you're able to do something like this: https://www.die-profiloptimierer.at/#kontakt


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  • Hi Holger, 

    Thanks  looks fantastic. Do you have any links on how to's

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.


    Kind Regards



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  • Hi Jarrod,

    If you're going to modify your Insightly Web-to-Lead code, we recommend doing so in a test environment first, to make sure that forms themselves work after your changes have been made.

    One way many clients do this is by pasting the customized code into Notepad or TextEdit and saving the file as a .htm file.  This will allow you to open the file in your browser and test its functionality.

    As for the coding itself, there's not much help we can offer aside from pointing you to some basic guides.  That said, you can find many tutorials online.

    I hope that helps!

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