How do I get contact duplicates to tag themselves and still import

Is there a way I can do the following, or something close:  When I do an import and and it is found to be a duplicate, still want the contacted imported; OR even better yet I want the original contact to add a tag.

Case, I am currently mailing to many contacts every 3 months.  When I import same contact as a duplicate, I want to NOW mail to this contact every 30 days. 

Not sure how to get this done within Insightly.

Thank you!



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  • Hi John, 

    It is possible to update records and add new records at the same time. The key to updating records though is to have the record id # as one of the fields in the upload. I am not sure how you are getting your source data but here is an outline of a process that would enable you to do uploads and updates at the same time. 

    1. Export the records that are in Insightly that you will be mailing. This export should include the record id #. 

    2. Create a new column on that export to add the tags that you will want to later import. 

    3. Add your new contacts to the spreadsheet. 

    4. Upload contacts. Select the option to both add and update contacts during the upload process. 


    Another more simple version is to just tag the clients you will be mailing when you have them selected for export. Then you will not need to reimport them and can just add in the new contacts. 

    Hope that helps- Erin

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