Applying more than one filter or applying filter + tag

I would like to filter a list of contacts first by a Tag, then again by a custom filter I created to determine if the email field is "not blank". 

I believe I should be able to easily apply more than one filter OR apply a filter and then a tag OR apply a tag and then a filter. 

However, it only allows me to apply one. 

When a filter is applied, I don't have the dropdown box available that would provide the options for "AND, OR.."  

Is this a feature that needs to be enabled.. or how can I apply more than one filter or a filter and a tag? 

Thanks in advance.



  • EDIT: I was mistaken! Please refer to Jessica P.'s comment for a better solution.

    Although there is no option to filter your contact list by Criteria A OR Criteria B from the Contacts tab, you'll be able to find the data you need through the Reports tab. 

    In the Reports tab, choose "Contact Report" from the Contact Reports folder. Then, either click on Add a Filter Row and choose your email field, or drag the email field from the left sidebar over to the top of the report.

    From there, you can create a filter for [Email Field] [is not empty], and click Add.

    Then, add another filter row with the field [Contact Tag List]. Choose "Contains" as the operator, and then type in your desired tag text. You'll find that a dropdown will appear to allow you to filter by Field 1 (email) AND / OR  Field 2 (tag). Choose OR from the dropdown list, then click Add.

    If you frequently use these filter parameters, you can save this report so that you can recreate it with a single click, instead of having to repeat these steps over again. (I've also found that exporting data from the Reports tab works more reliably than trying to export data directly from the Contacts tab.) 

    Hope this helps!

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  • You can create a new custom filter that has both the tag and the email address fields included.

     I think perhaps you're having an issue because Insightly doesn't allow you to edit custom filters once they are created-- you have to create a new one instead.

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