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Workflow Emails sent via user's "From" address instead of spammy address

Regular (single) emails via insightly are sent 'from' a user's dedicated email address, but emails associated with workflow steps (auto/batch emails) are sent via Any way both methods can be sent 'from' a sender's email address, and not look like a bot/spam/mass email?

Workflow emails give you the option to select which user email address to send it from, but turns out it just sends from a generic address. It seems this is very close to making the functionality above possible.

Unless this is on purpose (to avoid being an email marketing system) can't understand why anyone would want customers/sales prospects to receive a generic/spammy address?



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  • Hello,

    Because the Workflow Automation system needs to be able to send emails regardless of whether an email address was added to Insightly, it was intentionally designed this way. While we appreciate your feedback and request for this feature, we will not be implementing this nor inserting this onto our roadmap. 

    Should this ever change, we will make sure to communicate this in the main thread

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