Creating a filter to export my organisation names, addresses into a CSV into do create a mail merge.

Hello everyone, I am new to Insightly so please forgive my lack of knowledge.

My aim is to capture all of my organisation names and addresses in a specific filter to allow me to do a mail merge in Microsoft Word or Excel.

Initially I did a general export of organisational data including notes fields but the resulting CSV had a lot of redundant data and was very messy.

By looking at the "Create New Filter" option" I thought it might be better to create a filter with the address fields such as Organization Name, Work Address etc. and then export the results to a CSV and use it as an input into Excel or Word.

Am I on the right track and can someone suggest some relevant documents to undertake this.


Many thanks Geoff Mullins

on behalf of the Australian Addison's Disease Association.



  • Hi Geoff, 

    If you are only wanting the basic contact and address information, I suggest creating a report with just the fields that you want. Here is a great video on how to create reports.

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  • Hi Geoff,

    Just to add to Erin's suggestion, once you've decided how you'd like to proceed with your report, you may still wish to produce your mail merge using Word.   It's worth keeping in mind, though, that you can also generate multiple, personalised emails straight from Insightly using the 'Email' menu item, then creating templates with variable fields.  

    As long as a contact exists in Insightly, then you can email them without the need to run a mail merge from Word.

    The benefit of using email within Insightly is that you can then also track engagement with your communications without the need to use other software.

    Hope this helps!

    kind regards, Simon


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