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I love how easy it is to create new leads, opportunitiues, and projects from the Sidebar when I am in my Gmail. It has saved me ample time compared to older systems we used. I am surprised though, that there isn't an option to attach my custom pipelines when working in the sidebar. Our pipelines and activity sets are the backbone of our sales process and we are wasting a lot of time by having to go into the web domain just to select a pipeline (in order to activate the automatic activity sets).

Is this something being considered for delivery??



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    Hello David. Wanted to give you a quick update:

    As Google is changing their Gmail UI, we are focusing our new development efforts on the new Insightly Gmail Add-On that lives directly in Gmail (vs. Chrome browser as an extension). We will keep adding new functionality to the new add-on in the upcoming months. However, to set expectations, it is unlikely that we will be adding pipeline management to this add-on this calendar year (2018). Thank you for your suggestion - we hear you that changing pipelines and stages would be quick and easy right from the Gmail. 


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  • Hi David, this improvement is planned for the first half of this year. Hopefully we will ship in a couple months. Thanks for your suggestion!

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  • Great to hear! Thanks for getting back to me so quick. 

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