Using postman to test Insightly API


I'm trying to use Postman to test the Insightly API, to try to understand some aspects like subtypes.

Whenever I try to access the API, with basic auth and my API key, I get a 401 error.  Can you see what I've done wrong?

UPDATE:  Found the answer in Authentication description in!/Contacts/GetContact

"You will need to include your API key as the Base64-encoded user name, leaving the password blank."



  • Hello Ian,

    A nice little tip if you are using Postman -

    Under the Authorization tab, you can plug in your API key "as is" in the username field, leave the password field empty and choose Basic Auth as type. Postman will convert your API key to base64-encoded and add it to headers.

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  • Now that is a great tip. Thanks Sushamna. You can also make one easily at by simply pasting in your API and boom.

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