Deleting Date Field


We used to be able to delete the date field and leave it blank.

I've tried this week and you need to input a date or it auto defaults to today's date.

I need to be able to delete the date and have that field blank for certain profiles.

Please advise.

Thank you.



  • We'd like to take a closer look at this Antoine. What record type, field and browser type are you working in?

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  • Thanks Lyla,

    This is a Custom Field for a Lead.  Browser is Chrome.  It's a calendar field, so when you click in, a calendar pops up to select a date. 

    We used to be able to clear it, and have it blank.  Now this is no longer working.  Everything remains the same (same method, same browser,) but it won't save as blank, it auto-fills a date.


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  • Hi Antoine:

    When the calendar pops up, can you highlight the date in the date box and delete? After you empty the box you should be able to save the record with an empty Custom Field like this. I made a screencast of this for you here.

    If this doesn't work, can you send us a screencast of what you see? Thanks!

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  • Hi Lyla,

    I can highlight and delete the date, however it would not allow me to have an empty field. It will automatically add the date that is selected currently.

    Your link wont work also - I've tried it.

    Do you still need a screencast for this?

    Basically, the date field used to be able to be empty and now it no longer allows me to. It has to have a date entered it will auto populate to the current date selected.

    Does that make sense?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Hi Antoine,

    You should be able to delete the date from a custom date field even with inline editing. We just pushed some site updates last night that may have helped. Can you try to clear your cache on Chrome to make sure those updates take effect? Then try to repeat your usual steps to delete a date from your custom field? 

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