Switch from Google Apps to Office 365 with same domain name

My company recently switched from using Google App Suite to Microsoft Office 365 and the domain name is the same. Currently we still have access to both GSuite and Office365. But email no longer goes through google. How would I go about making that change to Office365 in Insightly?



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  • Hi Cliff,

    If you can still log in with G Suite, then you don't have to change anything in System Settings. 

    Each user will want to change their email account set-up in User Settings > Email accounts (click on your profile icon in the upper right to access User Settings). Then you'll want to delete the Google email account. And add an email account with the Office 365 account option. 

    If you do want to change how you log in as well, this article explains the process to unlink your account from G Suite. It would be best to submit a ticket to our Support team so we can work with our engineers to help you update your log in information. 

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