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  • Hello. 

    My last two days using insigtly were terrible.

    It gets too much time to login... When it does, the inicial page does not load completely.... When I click at tasks, for example, besides it takes to much time do load, the page does not load completely and sometimes press F5 works, sometimes NOT.....

    I use chrome, but today I made a test at the Edge and just the LOG IN was faster, but the rest of it have the same problems.

    The rest of my team HAVE NO PROBLEM, just me! 

    Any suggestion?



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  • Hi Bruno:

    Are you working on Windows 10 by any chance? If you are, our development team is aware of an issue with Insightly and a recent Windows 10 update, Version 1703. To check your Windows version, go to Control Panel > System, and for the build, you can do this by hitting Start, type “winver,” and then press Enter.

    If find that you are on this version of Windows, there is a fix from Microsoft you can download from their website here.


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  • Hi Lyla, thank you for the feedback!

    I have the 1703 version of W10..... The link you send was corrupted.. can you give more details of what should I download on windows page?


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  • Sorry about that Bruno!

    I've updated the link from my prior post but you can also find more information about this on the Microsoft Community in this thread.

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  • Lyla, 

    I LOV U.....

    Thanks, it worked so well and fast!! I get my CRM Back!!!


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  • Aww gee thanks Bruno, glad to hear it worked :)

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