Are email stats accurate?

 I sent 22 emails from my Leads but in my email stats screen, it tells me that 0 were delivered. However, one person did respond to me so I know at least one of them must have been delivered. Are these delivery stats reliable? I really can't do a proper outreach program without proper feedback. Thanks.



  • Hi Joe,

    The Delivered and Open Rate statistics are accurate only if the recipient allows them to be.  

    In order to track the Delivered status of an email, Insightly relies on receiving a confirmation receipt from the recipient's email client.  Unfortunately, many clients have this option turned off by default or allow the user to disable it in their email settings.

    The Open Rate is tracked by using a 1 x 1 pixel image that is embedded in your email.  When the recipient opens the email, the image recognizes that it's being opened and sends a notification to Insightly, allowing us to track that it's been opened.  Unfortunately, if the recipient is blocking images or attachments by default the pixel won't appear or will have its signal blocked, resulting in the Open Rate not being tracked.

    I hope that helps to clarify things! :)

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  • Does Open Rate calculation count "1" for each recipient, or would you track and count multiple openings by a single recipient and calculate all of those "opens" in the Open Rate.

    What are the Insightly Open Rates for these examples?

    • Send 100 emails and 20 people open the email
    • Send 100 emails and 1 person opens the email 20 times
    • Send 100 emails and 20 people open the email 2 times each



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  • Hello Ken,

    I just replied to the ticket you submitted. If you have further questions please let me know on the ticket to better support you. The ticket # is 197159. 

    Thanks for your patience. 

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