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Mobile App Version 3.20 Now Live

With the latest version of the Insightly mobile app (3.20), you can now import contacts directly from your mobile phone’s address book, view your device’s calendar within your Insightly calendar and view your coworkers’ Insightly events on your own calendar.

All three of these features are now available on both our iOS and Android apps.

Import your contacts directly from your phone's address book. All you need to do is ensure the contact has a first and last name entered and you’ll be able to drop the contacts right into the app. 

See your device’s events on your Insightly calendar. You can now view both your Insightly calendar and any of the calendars on your device simultaneously within the app. Simply open your Insightly calendar and tap the three dots to configure which calendars to display.

View your coworkers’ Insightly events on your Insightly Calendar. Just like on the web, you now have the option to view a coworkers’ Insightly events on your calendar. All you need to do is tap the three dots on the calendar screen and select from other users. 

In our coming releases, we are streamlining the Insightly mobile apps to prepare for future updates. To add upcoming features, we will no longer be able to support older versions.

If you are using an older version of the Insightly app, be sure to update it! Always remember that you can avoid having to install manual updates by setting up automatic updates on both Android and iOS.

Checkout the official announcement on our Product News Blog for more information.



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