Bulk editing tasks

There are three issues for you to address here:

1. Provide a SHOW ALL feature to expand the list of tasks in the TASKS Overview list instead of forcing me to incrementally click MORE each time to view all the tasks in the list for a particular time period. 

2. Fix the bulk editing feature. I'm unable to select a range of tasks for bulk editing (e.g., to roll forward to another date) if the tasks can only be viewed by first selecting the MORE function. Unfortunately, I routinely have a sizable list of tasks to update which forces me to take an inordinate amount of time updating each one. Crazy!

3. If you implement #1, after I update a record, return me to the task list fully expanded to show all the tasks instead of forcing me to click MORE...MORE...MORE to see all the items in the list again. It takes multiple clicks to view the rest of the PAST DUE TASKS each time. I exercise this function ALL DAY LONG and IT'S EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING and TIME CONSUMING!  



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  • We would also like to be able to bulk edit tasks and edit permissions

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