Why we're about to leave insightly for Salesforce

We've been with Insightly for almost a year now and we've given it the old college try, but we're coming to realize that it's little more than a digital rolodex. Here are some of the reasons we're planning on jumping ship. Have I misunderstood something about Insightly? Is there a reason we should stay?

  • Insightly promises excellent customer support, but what that usually means is prompt answers to your forum posts which usually say "I'm sorry you're not satisfied, we'll add this to our list of future considerations".
  • Insightly doesn't allow you to see the total value of your open projects
  • Insightly can't create quotes or invoices, SF can
  • Insightly can't log phone calls, SF can
  • Google calendar doesn’t two-way sync. If you want an event to be linked to a customer in Insightly you must create the event in Insightly. -  Google Calendar will push to Salesforce using Lightning Sync (free).
  • Insightly's "integration" with QuickBooks is a joke. There is no syncing or updating of projects, opportunities, etc. It's just a portal window into QB Online.
  • Inventory syncing between Insightly & QB is nonexistent, SF offers this
  • Insightly has no commission-tracking features, salesforce can do this with if/then equations which auto-calculate
  • Insightly's record and storage limitations are a joke. SF storage starts with 2GB for data (accounts and contacts), and 36GB of document storage.
  • Insightly supposedly syncs with OneDrive, but you have to manually link every single file (not gonna happen) this can be automated with SF Files Connect (free)
  • Insightly's app doesn't allow you to add any new info when offline / out of cell service. SF allows you to add new contacts / leads / notes (for recently viewed organizations), they’ll sync later.


  • Good points, just want to mention that I have used both and the Salesforce features seem intended more for larger businesses. I'm not sure if many of your points are even on Insightly's future timeline, as they're more geared for very small companies. And you're correct, at this point we're only using them as a digital rolodex, nothing more. Good luck!

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  • Hi there:

    We certainly don't want to see you go but understand that we may not be the best solution for everyone.

    I'm sorry to hear we couldn't meet your needs and hope you keep us mind in the future, as we continue to improve our features and tools.

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  • I've left SF for Insightly. Why? Well I am a small business and the cost of SF is much higher than Insightly. SF started off as a great CRM package and is now a beast of a business enterprise platform, you can't really compare the two.

    Insightly certainly has it's limitations and one being the creation of tickets or a decent interface to a customer support package but if you are after simple CRM that get's decent buy-in then I reckon its a good choice.

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  • That's good to know Chris, thanks for the info!

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  • I don't think that you can compare SF to Insightly. I lived in San Francisco when Salesforce first started up and their operation was smaller than Insightly. That was 13 years ago or so and since that time they have grown enormously. At the time they were a nimble solution that catered for the smaller organisation that could not afford to manage software in-house. Nowadays they have the some of the largest enterprises in the world on their books. What this means is that you are paying a premium for functionality that, as an SME, you will never likely use.

    Every software has its advantages and disadvantages but comparing the complexities of SF to Insightly is not sensible. Complexity also leads to additional costs too. Setting up and streamlining processes for such a solution increases the cost too so you are hit twice.

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