Efficient Record Management

We're looking to reduce the number of records added on a daily basis.  Does anybody have suggestions for best practices in managing record creation without purchasing more space?



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  • Hello Lisa,

    The answer to your problem will be unique to your current implementation and 3rd party tools. For example, you could make a custom field in an opportunity record to hold information about a task, but then you would not have a task and while this may reduce your record count it may also create other problems... There is no one size fits all.

    Although, if you just want to archive all your records and then delete some of them:

    • You can export data automatically via the API or manually using the data export tool in System Settings. Download your export and save to a storage system. Note: The data export will not export emails or file attachments, although you can get those records exported via the API.
    • You have to manually delete data twice, in order to take the records off your storage limit: Once at the record level and another in the Recycle Bin.
    • "Deleted records" in your Recycle Bin counts towards your storage limit. 

    Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

    Thank you,


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