Visibility of "Ideas & Suggestions"


Can you please make "Ideas & Suggestions" more visible? Here are a few ideas that would involve a simple content update:

  • make a button, similar to "Submit a Request"
  • add a child link in the menu located inside our Insightly account
  • add a dropdown selector inside the "Submit a Request" form - allowing users to send a support query or a suggestion query

Looking forward to improvements!




  • I totally agree. I cannot find this Ideas and Suggestions page! I only got it from the support responses sending me the link...

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  • I second this. I have not been able to find the ideas and suggestions page without a direct link provided by an Insightly staff member.

    Please put a link on the Insightly Support home page so we can get here more easily.

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  • Hello Joe,

    When wanting to visit our Ideas & Suggestions page you have a couple of options to help you get there:

    1. Go to > Place mouse over "Support" tab > Select Community > Ideas & Suggestions 
    2. Go to > Click on "Ask Questions, Get Answers" > Ideas & Suggestions

    Hope that helps! We appreciate everyone for the feedback and the recommendations on how to make this a better experience for our users. 

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  • I fully agree. I always end up reporting a suggestion as a problem. Not intuitive at all the way things are today.

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