EU GDPR regulation

 Hello Insightly Team!

GDPR in EU is about many formalities and processes. However, the main part is data storage inside EU.

Are you considering opening a dedicated datacenter for EU customers?

If not, it would make us, your customers, GDPR non-compliant by default.

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  • Hi Krzysztof,

    We actually have an official statement about this in our Data Security article.  I've posted the text below:

    "Insightly is actively looking into the GDPR — the EU's regulation around data privacy — and working towards being fully compliant by its enforcement date of 25 May 2018."

    I hope that helps to ease any uncertainty you may have! :)


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  • Hello Krzysztof,

    I apologize for the delay it took to provide an update on GDPR. 

    Here's some helpful information regarding the updates that were made to GDPR in Insightly:

    • We now have an entire marketing page for GDPR (, 
    • We've updated our Privacy Policy and made some minor changes in product.
    • There is a contract called the Data Processing Addendum that you have to download, fill out, and send back to us. You can find this contract in the Privacy Policy.

    All GDPR info plus some new very helpful articles can be found HERE.

    Thank you for your patience.

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