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I have built a complex document within PandaDoc, which is trying to call data from the Organisation & the Contact associated with the Organisation.

It appears PandaDoc will only pull from one or the other not both, according to PandaDoc.  They have indicated the interface was built by Insightly; therefore, redirected me back to you guys.

It seams my only way around this is to add additional (duplicate data entry) contact details within the Organization.  

Can you please modify your interface to Pandadoc to allow us to pull from multiple data sources?   This would make both of your products so much better and streamline our operations.

Kind regards

Doug Childress

CEO, Intelligent IP Hosting



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  • Doug,

    We have the exact same issue. No resolution has been offered by either PandaDoc or Insightly. 

    I'm curious if you found a workaround for this issue between last August and now?


    Christian DeFehr

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