Accessing Insightly through an invitation - not working

The administrator for the account sent me an access link for Insightly.  I press the link and it takes me to the Insightly homepage.  The goal is for me to be able to connect to what she set up so I can fill in data.  The screen says:  "You just need to choose a username and password and you're in ! It only takes a few seconds."    

I then click the link I was sent and type in a username and password that I created for myself (as I think that is what is saying to do) and it takes me to Insightly home page.  I am then taking to the next screen and it wants me to allow access to my google account, which is a personal account, not a work account and I would prefer them not be tied together.  If I deny permission, then I am stuck.  

I have attempted to read the info on the main sight about signing in, etc.  I am wondering if I am missing something, as I still cannot gain access.  If you can please assist me I would greatly appreciate it.  I have spent several hours trying to figure out how to access and tried to call in as well and was not able to speak to a person.

Thank you in advance!



  • We're going to reach out to you directly to help sort this out S Shukis. Keep an eye out for another email from Insightly!

  • I am also trying to sign up and not receiving an invitation email? 

  • Hi Delilah:

    It looks like we're working with you in Ticket# 201337 and that you were able to complete registration. If you need additional help please feel free to reach out to us. 

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