We've improved notifications!

With our updated notification settings it's now easier to select the type of notifications you'd like to receive. Here's a quick overview of the new improvements:
  • In addition to tasks, you can now elect to receive notifications when a lead, project, or opportunity is assigned to you.
  • We've also moved the Automatically Follow setting to its own tab and given you greater control by separating your options into records you've modified, records assigned to you, and records you've assigned to others.  So you can automatically follow tasks you're responsible for, but not opportunities you've assigned to others. And if you don't want to automatically follow every record you update, that's an option now, too!
Want to learn more? Check out our help article, How to change your notifications and auto follow settings and our announcement in our Product News blog.
These improvements were based off direct feedback from customers like you. You can share your feedback in our Community to show us which ideas and suggestions that matter to you. 



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