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Get Ready For A Powerful New Search

We're very excited to introduce Quick Search - the major upgrade to our existing global search. With Quick Search you'll get faster search results ranked by relevance. Quick Search also displays additional information, like email addresses, to help you find the right record.
Most importantly, Quick Search provides the extended global search and link search capabilities that you've been asking for. You can search on:
  • Tags
  • Custom fields
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Web addresses
  • Exact text matches

This is a just partial list of what Quick Search can do. Check out our Insightly Search product news announcement to read all the details and see it in action.

We'll be rolling out Quick Search to all Insightly accounts over the next few weeks. In the meantime, our help article provides you with insider tips on how to search and link items with Quick Search. Thanks!


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    Is this the reason I got in this morning and couldn't use search all data to find an organisation by postcode? I normally get only exact matches when I do this. One of the only ways I can be sure of finding anything. Today it's churning up all sorts irrelevant data. It's also skipping back to contacts every time I enter anything in the search all data box.

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    Hi Steve:

    Your new search results are due to this update. To find exact matches to the postal code you can search by using quotes, for example "EH1 2NG"

    With Quick Search using quotes will now bring up exact text matches, like in Google. For example, typing Cabral will find all records containing that string—Cabrallo, Cabraló. But a search for “Cabral” will display only the results that match the text exactly. This article has some tips on using the new Quick Search.

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    I cannot search for part phone numbers now.  I use to be able to before the upgrade, which was really handy and worked very well.  Now if I search the first several numbers I get no result found

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    We've now lost the ability to have opportunities show up in the global search quick results dropdown. This was a critical component for our use, with no advance notice this was being removed and very annoying it is now gone. Please bring opportunities back into the quick results!

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    Hi Mel and Michael,

    Thank you for sharing that information with us!  I'm going to reach out to each of you privately, as the issues you're describing are not by design and we may need to access some of your account information to test them further.

    In the future, the best place to post any issues you come across would be the Troubleshooting and Tips page, as that's where you're most likely to receive helpful replies from other members of the community and Insightly Heroes.

    Look for an email from Insightly soon! :)

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