Set Width of columns in List Views


I'd like to be able to set the width of the columns in my List Views. This would help with quick reviews of the my lists.

Thanks, Vince




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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm happy to announce that this feature is now available!

    The column width of list views will now automatically set when you arrange them. You will no longer need to reset columns each time you come back to their list of records.

    You can read more about this update by clicking here

    Thanks for the time and patience as Insightly worked to deliver this feature. 


  • Same here. In "Projects" the name of my projects is obscured by the new layout. The old format showed the entire project name.

  • This is really clunky now - I have to resize the columns every time I look at the custom task list view I created and there are a handful of fixed columns that I don't need but they take up real estate on the page. Please fix this. 

  • Yes, the new List Views are great, but for the love of all that is holy please save the column widths!  Resizing the columns every time you go back to the screen is tedious.  In particular, the pipeline chart in Projects takes up about twice the width that it needs to - I just removed that column for now.  Thank you!

  • +1.

    This has been requested by several folks in our Org.

  • +1 for me as well. Would greatly appreciate being able to set column widths.

  • Yes, allow us to modify with and choice of columns

  • Agree with all of the comments above. Not sure how this was missed but needs to be fixed ASAP. Shouldn't be a tough fix, one would imagine. 

  • +1 to saving column widths please!

  • This really needs to be fixed yesterday. The list views are completely worthless if the column widths can't be saved. Can't read anything. Completely kills the value of the software for my organization.

  • +1 for me and for everyone in my org. We have switched back to classic view until this is resolved. It COMPLETELY slows down our work and is entirely FRUSTRATING for all of us. In the attempt to make this new Insightly have more features, you totally disregarded some simple elements of the user experience and have greatly inhibited productivity. Please fix immediately. 

  • +1 for me and for everyone in my org. We have switched back to classic view until this is resolved. It COMPLETELY slows down our work and is entirely FRUSTRATING for all of us. In the attempt to make this new Insightly have more features, you totally disregarded some simple elements of the user experience and have greatly inhibited productivity. Please fix immediately. 

  • Maura, Matt, and future viewers, I just learned that writing "+1 please" in a comment is not the most effective method...if you haven't already, please also upvote this post by clicking the little heart icon to the left of the topic title at the very top.

  • +1

    I believe that the number of comments on this subject justifies taking care of this ASAP.

    I would say that 90% of all websites, apps and programs that allow a user to create or modify a columnar view will save the column widths.  In addition to to request to save the column widths in a custom view it would be highly desirable to also save each users changes of widths of the system default views as well.  The most changed column is the record title as most of in's views have this shortened with ... such as Jef... for Jeff Connors.  

    Please look at fixing this as it makes the product look very inferior to 90% of all other products and we all know this is not the case.

    Thanks for listening.

  • I would agree.  I enjoy the new style but not being able to save the column widths makes certain pages fairly useless such as the projects page. 



  • Yes please!!

  • Agreed. With longer project names it is impossible to see what you are looking at. Please look into this and update so users don't have to re-size every single time the try to look at my project list.

  • Agreed. This is a real pain the way it is

  • +1. New user, so this is the only way I've ever seen it.  Every list and report we go into demands a couple click-drags before we can do anything.

  • Yep, my team just went over to the new views last week and we figured that we hadn't set things up incorrectly and things will settle down.

    Unfortunately, the column widths in all our views revert back to completely small, and are unreadable. Basically meaning that the views update is useless to us, without spending 5 minutes every day, resizing columns. It's a real shame, the potential was there for this update to make insightly as a UX smooth and more open, like most online services we subscribe to. Instead, this basic issue keeps insightly in the clunky, frustrating sort of works/sort of doesn't category.

    We would like column widths to be remembered and this update does need to happen ASAP. It is costing my 5 staff, 5 minutes per day which adds up to two hours a week, which is expensive for the business....

  • Just wanted to add my voice to this issue.  My people's sentiment echoes Naomi's: "This basic issue keeps Insightly in the clunky, frustrating, sort-of-works, sort-of-doesn't category".

  • Insightly: I wanted to let you know that we've been spending the last months trialing Insightly and Zoho CRM. We have decided to drop Insightly and go for Zoho, and this thread is one the reasons why.

    I know you work hard, and I don't want to exaggerate the issue, but please take this as constructive feedback. That's why I'm taking the time to actually write it down. There are two problems in this:

    • I've been a project manager for hundreds of web projects. I'm not able to understand how it can take more than four months and counting to fix such a minor issue, that's of such obvious importance to 100% of your customers.
    • I'm not without fault: a company I used to work for set up a social media channel to communicate with customers. The problem was, we underestimated the resources needed to keep it alive. Lesson: don't set up a public channel and invite your customers to give you feedback, if you don't have the resources to follow it up. Between having no public channel, and a public channel that's not being followed up, the latter is worse.

    This issue was not the only one, obviously, but it was an important one. One, because it's extremely frustrating to keep having to resize the columns. Two, more importantly, you've given the impression that you are very slow to follow up on important issues. If you can't handle this minor thing, what about the really important ones?

    My five cents. There are lots of great things to say about Insightly too, but our journey together ends here.

  • Could someone for the Insightly team comment on this request and give a status update?

  • We would also greatly benefit from being able to set column widths in both list views and reports. This is the top complaint I receive from our set of users. We're new to Insightly and disappointed by how difficult it is to read lists and reports without this feature.

  • Yes, I agree with this request. I would hope this gets pushed high on the request list.

  • Agreed. Very important for our organization too.

  • Any updates on saving column width views? This has been a big complaint with our team for the "new" Insightly. How can users find out if issues are being addressed/escalated by Insightly team members?

  • Hello Chelsea,

    Thank you for reaching back out to us.

    To find out when new features are released I recommend checking our Product Updates from Insightly page. Our Ideas & Suggestions page is monitored by our Product team and reviewed every few weeks or more. Even though you may not get a direct reply in the Community, your ideas are still reviewed by our Product and Engineering teams. 

  • Hi folks!

    I wish I could provide a better answer, but for the sake of transparency, we are not considering to get this fixed at the moment. Our Product and Engineering teams are currently focused on the ability to customize layouts as well as the ability to reorder, hide, or make some fields required. 

    However, we are keeping an eye on this and monitoring the level of interest. Please upvote this request by clicking the heart on the original post. Encourage your team members to do the same. More often than not, the Ideas & Suggestions from the Community with higher vote count helps our Product and Engineering teams gauge which feature requests to prioritize. 

  • Completely agree.  It would be great for Insightly to "remember" which columns we expand every time...

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