The Insightly Sidebar for Outlook is Live!

Finally! The old Insightly Add-In has gone the way of the dinosaur -- replaced by the bigger, badder Insightly Sidebar. 

Use It
If you had the old one installed, all you have to do is switch the Insightly Sidebar off and on again in "Manage Add-Ins". After that, just pop it open and try it out. (If you didn’t have it installed, go here to get it.)

Learn About It
Tony & John made a highly edu-taining video that demos the Sidebar’s functionality. Watch it here, or, if you’re more of the literary type, check out the Help Center Article

Tell Us About It
Finally, we need your feedback! Once you’ve had a chance to use the new Sidebar, let us know what you think in this two-minute survey.

Check out the official announcement on our Product News Blog for more information.




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