Issue with user activity report


I created a user account (Bernie Fliss

I can see his activities in the home screen, but if I run Activity Report I can see activities for other users but not him.

Is there something wrong in configuration?

Can you check or fix?

Second question, we also have an already existing contact with name "Bernard Fliss" and same email address. I tried to merge the contact with the user but without success. Could you also fix this so that user and contact can actually be the same?




  • Hi Daniele,

    I hope you don't mind, but I edited the listed email address in order to prevent spammers from overloading that inbox.  This is a public forum, so we want to make sure your private information is protected.

    User Records were designed in such a way as to prevent them from being deleted or altered by other Insightly processes, so unfortunately this means you cannot merge the User Record with the extra contact record.  The User record acts as a contact record for that user, so it should be storing everything you need regardless.  The best suggestion for dealing with it would be to manually link any records/details in the contact record over to the User Record, then delete the contact.

    As for the User Activity Report issue you mentioned, I've gone ahead and sent that to our Dev team for evaluation and investigation.  We'll let you know in this thread as soon as we know more.  Thanks for your patience! :)

  • Hi Daniele,

    Thanks for your patience!  The User Activity Report only displays results for activities which are linked to your users.  So, for example, you would need to link Bernard to his tasks (using our linking system) in order to display his results in the User Activity Report.

    This is currently working as designed, but it is scheduled to be looked at for improvement and alterations in the future.  If you wanted to hasten that process, the best thing to do would be to post your request to our Ideas & Suggestions page, which is monitored by our Product and Engineering teams as they look for future features for Insightly.

  • Hi Dan,

    thanks for reply.

    Maybe I didn't express myself properly. Let me reformulate my question.

    All of our other users activities (i.e. create a task or add a note etc.) appear in the User Activity Report automatically. Note that I am speaking about activities that they create by themselves, not assigned by me or other users. None of them have linked to themselve (even including me).

    Bernie is the last user that I added. Actually he replaced a former user. I don't need that past activities from old user shows up in the report. I only need that current activities generetad by himself show up in the report exactly in the same way like for the other user.

    Also note that I can see his activities regularly from the Home screen, but the home screen is not the proper place for reporting...

    Let me know if you need more info about the issue. 

    I hope you can help me to solve

  • Hi Daniele,

    Currently, in your User Activity Report, there is only 1 task at all, and that task is linked directly to you:

    As for emails and events, I see that you have two different records for Bernie in your system: a user record and a standard contact record.  Anything that has been linked to a standard contact record rather than the user record will not display in the User Activity Report, so you'll need to make sure you remove the duplicate record to ensure that there are no further issues.

  • Hi Dan,

    I removed email address from old "contact" Bernard Fliss,

    I credated new contact named "B. F." with fake email address to avoid conflicts.

    I merged old Bernard Fliss contact into newly created B. F.

    Now Bernie Fliss (user) is the only one existing with address

    Still he doesn't show up in the User Activity Reports with the other users (see export report attached).

    Today I am also experiencing another bad thing: when I am exporting a report to myself (as I always did until couple of weeks ago), I don't receive any mail with the report ;(.

    I'm quite frustrated

  • Sorry. I cound't attach the report because I don't get it. Here's a screenshot instead where you can see ALL users EXCEPT Bernie Fliss ?!?!

  • Hi Daniele,

    I spoke with our Dev team, and email activities will only show up on the report if the email is:

    1. Linked to the User Record in question and
    2. Owned by the User Record in question

    The 3 emails in your account that are currently linked to the Bernie Fliss User Record were not created by the user Bernie Fliss, so they would not appear on the report.

    Additionally, it looks like you merged the original second contact record I mentioned previously (Mr. Bernard Fliss) into a third record (Mr. B F), and linked all of the emails in that record there.  So none of those would show up in the report either.

    Moving forward, emails sent to Insightly by Bernie Fliss using the email will show up properly in that report, but until you go through the other emails and link them to Bernie (while simultaneously updating the record owner) the other emails will not show up there under Bernie's name.

  • Hi Dan,

    this is the point!

    "Moving forward, emails sent to Insightly by Bernie Fliss using the email will show up properly in that report"

    I am not worried about past emails, task, activities and so on. I am worried about the fact that current actions directly made by the User didn't show up in the user activity report. Nothing at all. And I'm not talking just about emails, but ALL activities don't show up.

    I can see his activities in the Home screen but hthey don't show up in the report.

    So I guess there may be something wrong with this User in the system.

    Let me know if I you need a copy of the report and if there is a non-public way to send it.


  • Hi Daniele,

    As mentioned, in order for a user's activity to show up in that report they need to be linked to the record using our linking system.  If the record is an email, then they'll also need to be the Record Creator.

    Currently, Bernie is not linked to his tasks:

    Nor is he linked to his Events:

    Nor has he sent or received any emails since you got rid of the extraneous records in his name:

    This is why you aren't seeing any activity for Bernie Fliss in your report.  Hopefully these screenshots will help clarify things.

  • Hi Dan, understood.

    The pictures helped a lot, sorry it took me so long ...

    Thanks for your patience


  • Glad to have helped!  Have a great rest of your week! :)

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