Unable to Filter Tasks in New User Experience


We are unable to filter tasks in the New User Experience, where we had that capability with the Classic Version.  I have tried multiple avenues, but the filter function is greyed out. 

When we try to filter by user so we can see a list of specific individual's tasks, the funnel icon is greyed out (screen shot below):

And when we try to filter our own list of tasks, the filter is not greyed out, but the filter fields are greyed out so we can not type in them (screen shot below).

Is this a bug that is getting fixed? Or is this a feature that we will no longer be able to do with the New Experience?

Thank you,




  • Definitely a downgrade in the new user experience. Our administrative team is spending way more time trying to find tasks than they used to. Also, there used to be preset filters in the top right of the screen by user that made it very easy to see tasks by user. Not sure what Insightly is thinking here. I'm starting to look for another solution that will handle our needs better. It used to work so well.

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  • Hi Mandy & JW,

    Hope you're having a great day, and I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with List Views.

    It sounds like you're trying to edit one of our "Standard List Views", which are setup with permanent filters that can't be adjust. 

    You'll want to create a "New List View" for whichever record (Tasks, Contacts, Organization, Leads, Opportunities, Projects) you're viewing in order to apply custom filters.

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