Junk organisations created even when email domain is mapped

Hey, just want to check if this is really how it should be working:

Let's say I have an organisation called a-software with the email domain @a-corp.com, I add the organisation & email domain to Insightly.

Then I forward an email from someone@a-acorp.com, this gets added to a-software but also creates a new, made up organisation from the domain called a-corp.

Meaning any email forwarded creates a junk organisation, even when their domain has already been mapped. Is that right?



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    Looks like this one slipped past us William, sorry about that!

    If the email address from the email you are saving does not match the what was entered in the Email Domain field of the Organization record exactly, a new record will be created. When saving an email the system will scan the header info for direct matches to link  to. 

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