Insightly's New Community Manager

Hi Insightly Community!

My name is Dennis and I've recently joined the Insightly team as the new Community Manager!

My main goals here are to relay the voice of the Insightly Community to our product and development teams, organize and curate the Help Center and discussion forums to best enable you to find the information you're looking for, and to do whatever I can to continuously improve the overall community experience.

But first, I want to hear from YOU!

What are your favorite aspects of Insightly Community? What would you like to see improved? Armed with your insights, I'll be able to make better decisions when it comes to growing a community that's tailored to YOU!

I'm very excited to take on this role and look forward to interacting with everyone here in this wonderful community. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions/comments/funny memes!




  • We're super excited to have Dennis on our team!

  • Welcome Dennis,

    I would love to see regular updates on suggested improvements that the community has deemed important. Maybe this is defined as improvements that have the most votes? I don't know. But I see many suggestions that seem to have widespread support yet they have become stale. 

  • Thanks, Blake! 

    My top priority is to enhance the overall experience of our Insightly Community and that starts with improving our communication with you -- our community members. As I ramp up in my role, I will ensure regular updates on the suggested improvements that have the most votes. 

  • Welcome Dennis,

    I think you have a very important role at Insightly and want to second Blake Thompson's comment above regarding communicating what your priorities are vs. what the user community is requesting or reporting as bugs.

    Our company is a new customer of Insightly (Professional). I have experience with several different CRMs on the market and have chosen Insightly based on an overall evaluation of capabilities, vision and cost. I have a lot invested in this decision and want to see Insightly succeed, big!

    However, in the install and setting up of Insightly I have run into a number of problems, some "cosmetic" and others that I consider to be bugs. Having read through the forums on these issues I have seen that other users are reporting problems or suggestions that seem relevant. Many times the answer is "You can post your feature request to our Ideas & Suggestions page" or "this isn't something on our roadmap". I have also seen the response "Insightly isn't for everbody...".

    While I perfectly well can understand that Insightly has limited resources and can't oblige every request and wish, I feel that Insightly is missing the opportunity to really use and leverage the dedicated users that are taking their time to report issues or propose enhancements. Keeping us informed and updated on the current development plan. Making it possible to see that our reported issues are in the queue somewhere would mean a lot.

    Bottom-line, we are in this together. We are investing in Insightly, placing a significant bet on this platform to handle the core of our business. We want to see Insightly be a huge success!

    Best regards,


  • Thank you, Christer.

    I appreciate your post and I want to thank you for choosing Insightly as your CRM.

    One of my goals is to bolster up our communication by keeping the Community informed and updated not only on requested ideas but also by doing a better job following up on reported issues. 

  • Id like to see address fields auto populate. It's a pain typing in address information, so not only would it save time, it would reduce errors too. 

  • Hi Dennis,

    I woud like to echo Krister's sentiment. There needs to be better communication of your feature pipeline, reasoning & bug resolution. I am in a similar position, having staked my reputation on Insightly as the right solution for our company, I don't feel the community offers the ability to effectively report bugs or that you adequately review & implement feature changes.

    Monzo (UK bank startup) do this incredibly well with their community & product roadmap. It feels like your current suggestions board in comparisson is convoluted & doesn't represent the best direction of travel for the organisation in many instances (prioritising sales features over fundamental, and simple, features that other CRMs now do as standard).

    Monzo's product roadmap:

    They don't overcommit or over promise, & actually their pipeline isnt hugely full. But the management communication & user feedback requests make it feel like they are doing what is right for their community, and that the community is heard.

    Food for thought.




  • Kyle,

    I appreciate your feedback and I completely agree with you that our Ideas & Suggestions page has gotten convoluted over the years. It is one of my top priorities to clean it up and recalibrate expectations.

    I love Monzo's approach! We won't get to that level overnight, but that is the direction I want Insightly to move towards.

    Thanks for sharing!

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