Super slow speed

Hi I've been using Insightly to help me keep track of my tasks and goals and have been doing so properly.

Things were snappy and all, however one day, things just became really slow.

Right from the point where I login, it's just super slow.

I've no idea what went wrong because this problem is very strange; it happens on ONLY one computer, and it's my Lenovo office laptop. When I say computer, it's because I've already made sure it's not because of browsers. I've tried Internet explorer, Chrome and firefox, and they all experience the same slowness on this particular PC. I also made sure it's not because of connection because I tried connecting this laptop to my home network, work network and public wifi, and same slowness.

However when I've try with other devices; handphone, home desktop, my surface laptop, and they work well and fast!

I have an IT background and this is truly baffling.

Can anyone from Insightly advise?



  • Hi Michael,

    If you're using Windows 10, our development team is aware of an issue with Insightly and the recent Windows 10 update, Version 1703. If you're using that version of Windows, there is a fix from Microsoft you can download. To check your Windows version, go to Control Panel > System, and for the build, you can do this by hitting Start, type “winver,” and then press Enter.

    You can download the fix from Microsoft here:

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  • Dan, 

    I didn't download the fix from Microsoft, but I'm no longer having the speed issues. Just wanted to give you a heads up!

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  • Hi Jessica,

    We've been told that Microsoft has been rolling the fix into their updates now as well, so some people may not need it.  Glad to hear your Insightly account is functioning better now as well! :)

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