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There appears to be a bug with with the opportunity post API. I have the following below that used to work at an earlier stage. Now it seems to be failing.  It works fine if I remove the pipelineid and stageid. 

{"OPPORTUNITY_NAME":"Automated - Web Lead Source","OPPORTUNITY_DETAILS":"App to help me find bones","PROBABILITY":20,"BID_CURRENCY":"AUD","BID_AMOUNT":7500,"BID_TYPE":"Fixed Bid","OPPORTUNITY_STATE":"Open","VISIBLE_TO":"Everyone","CATEGORY_ID":2449654,"PIPELINE_ID":150195, "STAGE_ID":1}


Is there anything that I need to do to get this working again? Also: Is there any reason your web api can't be improved to return more verbose error descriptions?



  • Hi Shaun,

    The easy way to test this is to create an opportunity with pipeline and stage on the web, then call GET on opportunity to obtain the json.  Then you can compare the differences and you should be able to call POST the same json you have from GET.

    Hope this helps.




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  • Hi Kevin:

    We received Shaun's reply in Support, here it is:

    Wha.... No that's not the issue. It's a problem with the pipeline portion as stated in my previous issue


    Just a friendly reminder that email replies will not update Help Center content and might not be seen right away. Please post to the Community so that we can continue helping :)

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