Please allow us to export our tags


After your March 23rd data decimation, I've become vigilant about backing up my data. One day I went and looked at it in CSV form and realized that my tags weren't being backed up! I checked, and apparently you only back up 9 tags. I have hundreds of tags! It forms the back-bone of the way I use my CRM, slicing and dicing who gets today's email, finding who likes to schedule on snow-days, etc etc etc. I'm in Insightly all day long doing things with tags.

If I cannot back up my CRM, then you're effectively holding my data hostage. My business success depends on YOUR business success. And you're people who launched a stealth upgrade on a week-end that took my CRM down during my crunch period with no prior warning. Guys, I need to be able to back up or I can't stay.

Please provide some way of exporting tags to CSV in your export tool. You could use commas quite easily, I think: that's how you IMPORT people's tags, right? 





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