Different behavior while inserting new records using Import vs. API

Importing new records (Leads & Organisations) using import files prevents duplicates. Organisations with same name are duplicated while Leads follows the logic detailed here: https://support.insight.ly/hc/en-us/articles/204248460-Duplicate-checks-when-importing

Seems like the file import and API don't seem to using the same duplicate checking logic.

Inserting new records using Insightly v2.2 API allows creation of duplicate Leads and Organisations. Trying to add an Organisation Address or Contact Info causes a 400 data error with a message like

"The Contact Info already exists. Please specify a valid CONTACT_INFO_ID to update the existing record."

Seems like there is discrepancy at the following levels:

  1. Importing *new* records via CSV files vs. using API
  2. Adding *new* records using API:
    Adding Address or ContactInfo record causes error, but adding new Lead and Organisation records creates duplicates

Please clarify or file as bug and help resolve.

Thank you



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