2 Questions, Uploading files via API POST to tasks, and notifying creator of task it has been viewed

2 questions: We are new to Insightly, but I have used Salesforce before. In Salesforce, it was possible to create custom fields and buttons. So far in Insightly, we have successfully been able to POST tasks via the Insightly API (which so far has been great by the way). But we want to create some sort of a button and/or text box as a way to notify the creator of a task that it has been viewed and send them a response. Is this possible in Insightly? I viewed that custom fields are able to be created in a few different categories, but I didn't see that tasks was one of those categories.  If there is another way to do this, like, "creator/owner of task receives updates to changes" or something like that, that would be great.  But it would be really great if I had a way to send the owner updates via the API, with potential custom responses.  Any suggestions and ideas are very appreciated.

Question 2:
We would also like the creator of a task to be able to upload either an image or text document during the creation of a task if they choose to do so. Is the possible as well? If so, can you help me with maybe a sample method as to how to upload an image or text file via the insightly API in the creation of a new task? We have already successfully created new tasks, but we just need to add the option of uploading a file along with it, and potentially a way for the receiver of that task to notify the creator that it has been viewed and is being worked on.

Thanks alot!

By the way, your API, so far, has been amazing compared to Salesforce.



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  • Hi!

    So happy to know that you are enjoying working with our API!

    Answer for Question 1:
    If you go to User Settings > Following, and follow "Records I Create" or "Tasks assigned to me" (as per your need), you'll get notifications as per your settings in Settings > Notifications. Here you can select "Record is updated" and "Link is added", for example.

    You can also follow the task via the API.

    Does that cover your needs?

    Answer for Question 2:

    Tasks don't have file attachments, but you could possibly add a comment to the task with a file attachment.

    Adding a comment to task. 

    Adding file attachment to a comment.

    Please let us know if we missed something.

    Hope this helps,




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