Date of last activity not showing

In the new UI, when I put in a task or email, it does not update the last activity date.  Please advise.



  • Hey Gwen,

    Thank you for providing me with that information.

    "Last Activity Date" displays the date from the previous completed Task or saved Email.

    I was unable to reproduce the issue on my end, since I was able to see the "Last Activity Date" update based on when I completed a test Task.

    Could you please try completing a Task or saving an Email again, then refresh the page, to see if that updates the value?

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  • I entered a task that was back-dated to when I completed it.  It shows up as the last activity date - but it shows today's date - not the back-dated date when I actually did it.  Is there a way to fill in historic tasks and have the "Last Activity Date" be correct?


    Before I tried that ... I entered a past event for an organization, and that did not show up in the Last Activity Date.  Is that a bug - or are events not supposed to appear as the Last Activity Date?

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  • Hi Steve,

    Hope you're having a great day, and thank you for providing me with that information.

    At this time, the "Last Activity Date" pulls the date the Task was completed or email saved within Insightly, rather than the actual "Due Date" of the Task.

    We do this since a Task may be due on Jan. 1st, but it doesn't actually get "completed" until Jan. 10th. Instead of showing the "Due Date", which already lives within the Task itself, we will show the date of actual completion within Insightly.

    Regarding events, you are correct, "Last Activity Date" is only associated with Tasks and Emails.

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  • Would be helpful to have the option of including events as 'last activity' as I often have calls and want to track when my last contact was. I log the calls as an event and not a task.

    Also, not all communications are email or phone. Some are via text, or LinkedIn, etc. I want to be able to log those as well and see them show up as a 'last activity'.

    Lastly, often my next activity is an in-person meeting, which is an event. 


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