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I'm finding with the new UI when I look at my email templates, I'd like to be able to set up the view of what I see once I click on a tag / category. However, it doesn't save the view I set up. Every time I go back I have to set it up again. I'd like to be able to remove columns that I don't need to see. This is particularly difficult because the columns are "squished" and I can't see anything without expanding the columns. If you could set it up like a report where you can remove / add columns that would be super helpful. 



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    I'm happy to announce that this feature is now available!

    The column width of list views will now automatically set when you arrange them. You will no longer need to reset columns each time you come back to their list of records.

    You can read more about this update by clicking here

    Thanks for the time and patience as Insightly worked to deliver this feature. 


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  • Being able to setup a default view for would be very useful for quality of life. I know it's saved for filters, but the default ones should be savable as well for what sort of columns appear by default as well as their width etc.

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  • Why in the world would they not let us save our column widths? They can add a colored circle with a stupid letter in it that takes up real estate, but I can't save my column widths?

    Every time I change screens I have to double-click the column...Thousands of times per day. WTF?


    Anyone know of a different CRM that I could switch to?

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