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It appears that the History tab has been removed with the recent Insightly upgrade. We found this to be a valuable tool in the past and would like to see the history when the Current State field is changed as well as when changes are made to the pipeline stages.

Thank you!




  • +1, it was useful to see what changes had been by mistake as well a better idea of how often objects were being updated. Date of Last Activity isn't overly useful if you can't see the activity prior to it.

  • The new Activity tab does not show any comments left on tasks. Now I can only see when a task was completed, Please bring back the History tab.

  • We recently just switched over to the new Insightly experience. We like it a lot but we greatly miss the "History" tab on records. It was especially helpful with Projects, where we have lots of things going on (comments added to tasks, notes added, milestones completed, etc) and we need to go back and review thing chronologically.


    Bring the History tab back!

  • I find this the most useful feature for projects and opportunities and I am dying to have it back again, so I am posting here again. Please please please bring it back. Since our team members might update a project or opportunity by adding a task, a comment to a task, sending an email, adding a note, a comment to a note, by marking a task complete, updating a field on the details page, adding a link, or so many different ways, it's currently very difficult to see what the last update on a project or opportunity is because you have to dig through all those different areas. We need a history tab so we can very quickly see what the last activity on the project or opportunity was.

  • Did I mention we need the History tab brought back?

  • We are finding it very difficult to conduct business without the history tab. We need to be able to provide our clients with records of when their projects moved to various stages. We will be reverting back to original Insightly until this is fixed.

  • Bring back the history tab!

  • PLEASE bring back the history tab!

  • We ALL need this History tab. It was one of the main features that helped our company in selecting Insightly CRM as our in-house CRM provider. When can we expect to have this back?

  • Oh my God, I think a client just lost an audit because I can't show the mail log item was entered in a timely fashion since it was edited afterward and the only time showing on it is the last edited date. You just lost my client thousands of dollars because you killed the history. Arrggh. I thought the inability to back things up, and the horrible orange were the things nudging me to move. But now I realize you simply don't work for my level of business anymore.

  • I everyone. It has been about a year since I've been without the History tab. I thought as time went on things would get easier, but they've only gotten harder. Our company is still having painful withdrawals with no end in site. I'm not sure we can handle business without the History Tab much longer. God help us.

  • @Joe my team had to revert back to the prior version of Insightly. The new version was intolerable. If they ever force us to update without fixing this and other issues we are gonna have to bail to another CRM.

  • @Mathew yes, we've considered reverting to the old version but we don't want to lose the ability to customize the list view of Projects and Opportunities. 

  • We thought the fact that this basic functionality is missing must have just been something about Insightly that we didn't understand. I can't believe a comprehensive contact or organization chronological history isn't available. Super disappointing. We scheduled a training session specifically to understand how to track history and I was disappointed at the amount of jumping around you need to do to get an understanding of what has happened in the past. If we weren't already in so deep on the projects side of the system we would move to another system. Customer RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - how can you manage a relationship without a simple, comprehensive history?

  • When you have multiple people accessing a record (as I assume 99% of companies do), how are you supposed to determine who made a change without history or any kind of audit trail? This is a critical part of any CRM program.

  • @Inisghtly any input from your team on this topic? Is this something that's in the pipeline, or even on the radar?

  • +1, another reason WHY we need the History Tab back again: it used to show comments/history across multiple tasks. For example, I write many comments for each task until it is completed. If I needed to view something I or someone said in a Comment, with History I was able to just look through ALL the Comments until I found what I was looking for. Now I have to open EVERY single Task to view it's comments to find what I need. VERY disappointing and not useful at all. We NEED History back, and it needs to show history across multiple items like it used to.

  • In my opinion this is not an "Idea & Suggestion", this is a bug in Insightly CRM. A feature we used to have that no longer works because it was removed.

  • @ZM Agreed. My team has not upgraded to newer versions of insightly because this is a mission-critical feature for us. Without the history details our company could be subject to lawsuit. 

  • Hello Everyone,

    A workaround that can possibly help with this is to use Insightly's "Home" tab. The Home tab shows the most recent activity. You can also use the two options (Activity Type & Filter By User) on the right-hand side to narrow down your Records. 

    Here's a screenshot to show this option:

    Hope that is an option for you all. Thanks for everyone's great feedback in regards to this feature. 

  • Sorry but that doesn't work for me. In the Classic interface I can see the history across all tasks, comments, etc. for a contact. I don't have to search through every single task to find something, as I do in the new interface. I just need to see all interactions in 1 place.

  • Definitely needed! And Alejandro's suggestion is not a work-around. We need to be able to see the history of activity, especially task comments, on specific projects, opportunities, and organizations. We recently switched to the new UI and I was hoping it wouldn't be a big deal but we are missing it in a bad way. I am so sad to see that this has been an open issue for so long.

    Please bring this back!!!

  • Hi Insightly Team 

    Would be great if you could give us some sort of idea if you have the idea of bringing back the history tab. 

    Is this in your pipeline or not? 

    You lack of comment / communication is a concern. 

    Can't be that hard to sort as the way you had it was great. 



  • Hi folks!

    Unfortunately, we do not have any plans to bring back the History Tab. Without getting into the technical complexities of this feature, this was done for performance and security reasons and as well as UI simplification reasons. 

    I know this isn't the response you wanted to hear, but we want to be as transparent as we can be. Please don't expect this functionality to come back. The workaround that Alejandro offered above is the closest thing we can provide at this point. 

  • @Dennis B.

    Thank you for updating us. This is absolutely devastating news. My impression of Insightly now is that it had ambitious goals, developed new functionality too fast and thoughtlessly, and now the code has become too convoluted and plagued with bugs for basic CRM 101 mission-critical features like the History tab to work anymore. :( Please tell me if I am wrong.

  • Quite the opposite actually, @Joe Kent

    The new Insightly experience was built architecturally from the ground up so we are able to better support the product in the long run. Unfortunately, some functionality from Insightly Classic cannot be brought over to the new UI (like this History Tab). However, making this move has enabled us to innovate on a grander scale compared to the limitations we faced in Insightly Classic. We were able to develop bigger and better features such as Dashboards, page layouts, custom objects, and custom apps! This is also just the beginning as we have even more new features in store for the next release!


  • @Dennis B., @Alejandro A

    Whoa, whoa - new features are great (sometimes) but what do you mean that the history tab "cannot be brought over"?!? I get that it's not a priority but if it can't be "brought over" certainly the functionality can be rewritten - anything can be done if given the priority. You had to rewrite other features, this can be done as well.

    I'm sure you can imagine that many of us would rather have this feature fixed than other grander scale innovations. 

    As mentioned above, many of us see this as borderline bait-and-switch on the new UI. Seems like it should be a priority to get old functionality that we bought into working again. It's truly not a new feature so much as a bug-fix.

    Please put yourself in our shoes. I realize not everybody uses Insightly for project management but for those of us who do (or would like to) this is pretty important. It's one of the reasons why we bought into Insightly in the first place. See the comments above and you'll things like "mission-critical" and "devastating" in relation to the loss of this feature. Perhaps you don't use Insightly for your own internal project management but, if so, I can't image a project manager not wanting to see the overall history of a project? Do your projects managers truly click on each task within a project and view comments to get an idea of how things are going (which is what we have to do now)? Maybe you can look as some usage history of old UI features and at least warn people before taking them away.

    Mostly just venting here and very disappointed. How many more votes do we need to get this bumped up in priority?

  • @Michael McCreary


    Rest assured, we use Insightly internally for both sales and project management. We're kinda forced to. 😉

    That said, we completely understand your frustration and I am sorry I wasn't able to provide a better answer than I've already given. If we see a swarming number of votes for this, it might put it back on our radar. But as of now, we don't have any plans on bringing this functionality back.

  • @Dennis B.


    Without a detailed project history with stage timestamps my firm could be sued. Regardless of the number of votes this thread has, if we are forced to upgrade to the new UI without this feature our team will be switching to Salesforce. 

  • Bad form Insightly. A CRM without a history tab. Really !!!!

    So after reading this thread, new features are great, but old features are just as important - AND SHOULD REMAIN.

    How are we to track transactions, staff input or historical happenings with projects\opps etc. Your workaround. Not even close.

    Rethink this Insightly, for your customer's sake.

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