Data portability for GDPR

As part of GDPR we have to be able to send all information we hold on a client within 72 hours or a request (not 72 working hours). You need to provide data portability urgently. 

A first step would be the ability to exact all info (including files) on a specific contact/company/opportunity. Ideally with the ability to bring data on all linked items as well. 



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  • Hi Franck and Kyle,

    Quick update on our GDPR stance can be found here. Insighly remains committed towards full compliance by the deadline. We thank you for your patience.

  • Franck and Kyle, 

    I'm happy to share that we have a slew of updates regarding GDPR. All relevant info plus some new very helpful articles can be found HERE.

    Thank you and we appreciate everyone's patience on this.

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