Linking Notes to other entities (Opportunities, contacts and companies)

It would be great to be able to link any note to multiple entities right from the note editor, so that the note is shown in all the linked entities' notes. This would allow to:

-  Link a note created inside an opportunity to the contacts related to that specific opportunity note, and thus the note would be also shown in tn the conttacts note section.

- Link a contact note to an opportunity (or more than one opprtnity), other contacts, etc. 



  • Agreed. Linking a note to another entity is significantly more difficult with the new UI.

    Either need to be able to more easily link a note or have entities show note AND related notes. For example, when viewing an organization I should be able to see notes linked to that organization and any contacts linked to that organization.

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  • Yes, please! Very frustrating that we cannot see notes at the organization level that have been made to a particular (linked) contact.

    Similarly, it seems ridiculous that if notes are made to an Opportunity, that is also entered as Organization (and is linked to that Organization), those notes are not also visible when viewing at Organization level. 

    This oversight results in miscommunication and missed opportunities.


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  • Any updates on this feature from the Insightly team? Not being able to link call notes to Contacts and Orgs is frustrating. 

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