New Design- Organizations not linking to Opportunities

Specifically, on the Kanban view within the opportunity , when you click on the organization, the blade for the organization comes out.  The "related" tab does not contain any opportunities.  I have verified this also through the organizations tab directly.  No opportunities that an organization is assigned to show up in the related tab.



  • Hi Andy,

    We apologize you're having trouble.

    We're currently looking into this and hope to have additional information to share soon. We'll make sure to keep you posted.


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  • Hi Nora,

    I have a similar situation to Andy.

    When I create a new opportunity (or convert a lead to opportunity) and link an organization the information appears in the opportunity details, however when I click Related there is zero information i.e. the organization has not automatically been linked.

    This has only started occurring since the update.

    Is this issue going to be rectified soon, or are we now required to link organizations twice - in the Details view and in the Related View.



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