New Insightly Stage Sorting

The older insightly allowed you to sort your projects by pipeline stage. Now it appears that when you sort by pipeline stage, it orders them alphabetically by stage name, not actually by the stage number. This produces a list that does not show projects in ascending order from earliest stage to latest stage, but instead orders them alphabetically. Obviously we could rename our stages by putting numbers in front of each one, but then any editing of the pipeline stages in the future would result in re-numbering which would become tedious.

In the future, could you re-implement a way to organize projects by pipeline stage?  



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  • That's what we had to do as well, adding numbers to the stage names. But that causes another problem -- all we can see in the pipeline chart is the prepended number and the first couple letters of the stage (we have a lot of stages).

    I really hope Insightly gives us that feature back soon!

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