v2.1 API broken



Retrieving (GET) an Organisation using v2.1 seems to be broken:

  • does not contain updated information on the top-level properties
  • does not have the Custom fields

Retrieving (GET) the same Organisation using the v2.2 API seems to have all the Custom Fields and updated top-level properties





Updating (PUT) an Organisation using the v2.1 API using the 'Brief=True' does not seem to work. This works as advertised when using the v2.2 API

PUT https://api.insight.ly/v2.1/Organisations

PUT https://api.insight.ly/v2.2/Organisations


Quite frankly, I have not been able to get the 'Brief' query string parameter to work at all with the v2.1 API



  • Hello Sandeep,

    1) API v2.1 only supports custom fields of type Text, Dropdown and Date. Could you provide more information what top-level properties are not returned?

    2) For v2.1, "Brief=true" parameter only works with GET calls that return list of entities (for example, https://api.insight.ly/v2.1/Help/Api/GET-Organisations_ids_domain_tag).

    Hope this helps!

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  • Hi Sushamna,

    Thank you for clarifying the use of 'Brief' parameter with v2.1. It does seem limited to a few end points and use cases.

    Broken or not, there is definitely discrepancy in the v2.1 API output compared to the newer version 2.2. The screenshots below show:

    1. Some high level properties (EDITABLE, VISIBLE, CAN_EDIT, CAN_DELETE, SOCIAL_LINKEDIN, SOCIAL_FACEBOOK, SOCIAL_TWITTER) are not included in the v2.1 result.
    2. Some high level properties (EMAILLINKS) are included in v2.1 but not in v2.2
    3. Some high level properties (IMAGE_URL) have different values in v2.1 compared to v2.2. At one point, I had even noticed that the 'BACKGROUND' property value was still the old value and not refreshed when accessing using v2.1 while v2.2 showed the updated value.
    4. Some CustomFields (ORGANIZATION_FIELD_3, ORGANIZATION_FIELD_5) are entirely skipped from the v2.1 result !!





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