Contact Links Missing from Contacts API

Hi I have been upgrading our insightly API from v2.1 to 3.1 and have came across a strang issue.

When I am getting a list of all the contacts it doesnt seem possible to get the links per contact anymore like it was in the older versions.

In the documentation -!/Contacts/GetEntities It says this line in the contacts API "Simple object graphs (excluding LINKS, etc.) are returned if "brief=true" is used in the query string."

This implies the Links should be there per contact, I have set "brief=false" yet the links still don't show, Even in the example response on the API doc the Links array doesnt exist and it doesnt exist when I use my API key either.

If this is no longer possible then how are you meant to get the contact links? The individual Contact Links API is a feasible solution because we have over 1500 contacts and I cant make 1500 API requests everytime I want to get all the contacts and links.



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  • Did you ever find a solution/anyone get in contact? Running into the same issue upgrading and it's basically not possible to sub-query the API for these with rate limiting...

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