Automatic lead creation

A customer sends an email with attachment to a created company email address which is not monitored eg.
The attachment is usually a .pdf file. 
I would like to automatically create a lead with customer name and where the email is stored as Activity and with the attachments. 

Following solutions only does the job partly or requires manual work:

1) using Zapier between the email Office365 and Insightly will create a lead, where the body of the email is entered in the Description field. The description field has a size limitation, where the email body is cut off..
The attachment is not transferred. 
Disadvantage is also, upon several mails from same customer, separate lead IDs will be created and a smartmerge needs to be run in order to clear up. The various descriptions == email bodies, disappears during Smartmerge, as only one is left after the merge. 

2) Using automatic (or manual) forward in the office365 mail account to the insightly lead owner will add an entry in the employees name and not customer name
The attachment is stored correct as an activity along with previous received emails hence cannot be separated and manually moved to another lead ID.

3) Opening a email client (Outlook) and installing the add-it Insightly sidebar
This does the job on a manual level: The outlook has to be opened - on a separate computer as an ordinary Windows computer does not allow two  ( and Outlook clients to be opened at the same time. 

Opening as a secondary account in together with in one Outlook client does not work, as the Insightly add-in is not doable on the secondary account. 
Having a separate Windows computer just for the sake of one Outlook client is to complicated/expensive/tidious 

Manual job is to move the email from the secondary suggestions inbox to employees inbox and add the led via Insightly add-in. 

4) Asking the customer to use the Web to lead to fill in a contact form which automatically creates a lead is a possible, but attachments can not be added. Can customs fields be created and added to the Web to lead form, in this case Attachment for upload? 

I would like to hear other Insightly users best practices to solve this issue. Or any workaround, using customization or third party programs.
If a automatic contact, instead of lead, can be created, this could be a solution, where the contact is converted to a lead manually. 

Looking forward to reply also from the Insightly team with suggestions. 

Best regards
Ulrik // Denmark




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