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I've implemented a web-to-lead contact on my website and also the google reCaptcha - and I still get spam mails via the lead.

Is it possible to install a blacklist for specific email-address-endings? Or any other suggestions to minimize spam?


Thanks and best regards from Germany





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  • Hi Jan,


    Unfortunately, we don't have a way to stop the spam. The best workaround is to implement your own captcha.

    Another option you can use is Google's ReCAPTCHA, which is is available for all websites.   You can integrate that into your webform to prevent bots from completing the form and provide an extra layer of security. You will need to register your domain and add a snippet to the end of the form's HTML code, though, so you may want to work with a web developer to assist you.

    One of your fellow Insightly users has submitted a request to our Ideas & Suggestions page for an integrated Insightly Captcha option as well.  If you'd like to see that added in a future version of Insightly, make sure to add your vote to the post. :)

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